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Our innovative clamping technology is protected by several patents, and is the result of years of experience developing tools for DIY and Professionals working on wood. 

We only use high quality materials and parts that give customers the precision and ease of use they need. It’s all in the details.

In-line speed clamps

First, build your own jig to mount the clamps on, using our unique aluminum D-Tracks.

Enjoy the clamp’s unique auto adjust feature: just slide the clamp into place and click it closed. Release it when you’re done, leaving your other hand free. 

The unique technology of the clamp allows it to generate enough pressure (up to 57kg/125Lb) to hold object for several job required, such as:

  • Assembling (gluing or screwing)

  • Drilling

  • Sawing

  • Sanding

  • Routing

  • Joinery

  • Planning

  • And other


The in-line speed clamps are simple

and straight forward use


D-track (Dovetail track)


Wondering what a D-Track is? D-Tracks or dovetail tracks are the next generation after the T Track.

D-Tracks allow for easier, more precise clamping of IN-line Speed Clamps. Their unique feature is that the track center aligns itself when fastening (like T bolts with an adapter), adding significantly more stability to the accessory.

Our D-Tracks are made from high grade aluminum (AL6063-T5) with a clear anodized coating for corrosion resistance and higher durability. They are compatible with standard 5/16’’ T-bolts (we recommend using them with our beveled adapter) for any accessories needed, such as fences or stop blocks.

inline track clamps
aluminum dovetail track
in line clamp
t track, dovetail track
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